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How it Works

As the next phase of our Ride That Changed It All contest begins, we want to say thank you to everyone who has participated thus far, and send a major congratulations to our winner Lee Waldman from Wheat Ridge, CO who is heading to Leadville for the ride of his life.

Just because our LT 100 MTB contest is over does not mean you've missed your chance to win something exciting. Each day during the month of June, we're giving away a brand new limited edition Pearl Izumi Boa Jersey!

To enter, simply submit your information, click on the yellow "Submit" button below and leave the rest to us. You can enter the sweepstakes once a day, so we encourage you to submit a new entry everyday to increase your chances of winning.

BONUS: each time you apply you'll receive a unique URL to share with your friends and family - you'll score an additional entry for every person that enters our sweepstakes through this link!

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Last Year's Winner

Last year, Nick Gibb of Denver, Colorado, won our Ride That Changed It All contest. Ten years ago, Nick was in a very serious accident at Crested Butte Mountain Resort in Colorado, where he worked as a snow maker. As he was shutting down the equipment, a high-pressure hose disconnected and hit Nick in his left leg. The impact was so powerful that Nick's leg was shattered into an estimated 30-50 pieces, requiring emergency limb salvage surgery.

After years of subsequent surgeries and rehab, Nick was finally able to regain his strength and use special bracing to help him walk. It was at this time that Nick rediscovered cycling - an activity he could still do well despite his injury. Starting slow with road rides, Nick grew more and more comfortable on his bike, eventually achieving the confidence to start racing competitively. The Leadville 100 MTB had always been a lifelong goal for Nick, and Boa Technology was honored to help him compete in this prestigious race. Click here to see the rest of Nick's story.

About BOA Techonology

Traditional shoelaces and ratchet systems have their place, but when performance really matters, these closures can create more problems than they solve. Pressure points cause discomfort, the fit can loosen and hinder performance, and there's no such thing as precisely adjusting your shoelaces on-the-fly. So a little over a decade ago, Boa Technology saw room for improvement and took action.

We design and manufacture our revolutionary closure systems for one reason: nothing should stand in the way of someone who wants to get the most out of life, especially not poorly-fitted performance gear. That's why we built a system of precision dials, laces and custom guides that forever changed the overall fit of your performance footwear and equipment.

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The sweepstakes is currently closed

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